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Professional Board Work

Are you looking into establishing a board for your company or looking for a supplement to your existing board? Take a look at my profile, and if I have the competencies required, reach out for a start-up dialogue.

My view on board work:

A board is responsible for establishing a governance framework, including a compliance framework, to ensure that the organization meets its obligations and stays focused on the strategic direction.

A board of directors brings experience and competencies to your company. Good board work is qualified, proactive, based on knowledge, insight, and relevant experience, and focuses on the best interests of your company and shareholders in both the short and long term.

A professional board gives you qualified sparring, and you will be forced to raise your gaze from day-to-day operations. Together with your board, you can create new strategies for e.g., sales and development, customers, and products. It will benefit your business in the long run.

The board of directors is the supreme body of an organization (corporation as well as an association). The board of directors is to understand and manage the overall management of the company. 

In recent years, we have seen a paradigm shift, where the board has gone from being a control body to being a sparring partner and a resource body – The Active Board, which I believe makes so much more sense. I believe that the board and the Management team have a common goal and ambition. So, naturally, focusing on development, where we are challenged, and how we learn and evolve is a common commitment. Where the Management team is often buried in the daily operations, the board must be able to focus on the strategic level and hereby ensure both governance and business development.

Where can I support your business:

  • Strategy development and execution
  • Business- and organizational development
  • Sales development
  • Leadership development
  • Team development (Teaming)
  • Interpersonal communication

I have worked with professional board work globally for years and is used to virtual board meeting set-ups.

As a person, I am very straightforward. What you see is what you get. I have high expectations towards my own work and the people I work with, and I expect them to lean in, take responsibility, and be committed and accountable toward our common goals for the company.

I’m known for my analytical and structured approach and a thorough understanding of organizational structures and challenges. I'm a curious person. I love to keep on developing my skills. I´m good at staying focused and holding each other accountable to the commitments and framework.

I have a diploma of leadership with a focus in:

  • Leadership and sustainability
  • Strategy
  • Communication and organization
  • Personal leadership
  • Employee management and professional development
  • Organizational Development and C0-Creation

I´m part of Huthwaite International´s training faculty in sales and of course, have a business Intensive Board Education.

Other than that, I have been a facilitator and trainer in team training and interpersonal relationships for many years using different tools (E-Stimate, Insights Discovery, DISC, etc.)

I have worked with developing organizations and people for over a decade and have run my own consultancy company for the last six years, primarily working with specialists and knowledge companies.

My Board History:


  • Chairman of the Board NeuroOptimize Heart Ltd, Australia
  • Chairman of the Board NeuroOptimize Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Board Member Precision Technic Defence Group (UK, US, GE, FR, AU, S)
  • Board Member Precision Technic Defence DK


  • Board member 3Part A/S DK
  • Board Member 3Part Succeed ApS
  • Board Member Venstre (political parties)
  • Board Member CMC Denmark (Global Community)
  • Board Member the Parent Council, Aarhus

Why should you choose a professional board:


  • You send a strong signal about the professional operation of your business. This is very important when your bank, customers, and suppliers rate your business. If you are about to apply for financing, a professionally working board is today a parameter on a par with real estate, machinery, order backlog, and goodwill.
  • It helps you stay focused on your strategic goals.
  • The professional competencies of the board of directors can strengthen your business by optimizing, creating development and growth, and ensuring that your company acts in accordance with the overall strategy.
  • Being accountable to a board of directors is personally developing for the vast majority. You will be challenged on your abilities and your decisions.
  • Your chance of getting through a crisis successfully increases considerably if your company has a professional board of directors.


  • It costs time. Reporting is required, and you must set aside time for meetings and preparation.
  • It costs money. A professional board expects to receive a fee for the work.
  • Major decisions and new strategic initiatives in the company cannot be decided without consulting the board first. It effectively means that you are ceding power to the board.

If you believe that my competencies could bring value to your business, do not hesitate to contact me.